Textile, one of the most powerful light industries in the country, has a significant place in the Turkish economy considering the contribution it provides to the production capability of Turkey and the employment.

Leading in Turkey’s export numbers with a total export of $10.6 BN in 2018, Turkish textile industry has a lot to offer to the East European textile market which is going to meet at the BELTEX INDUSTRY Exhibition. Exporting its products to many different locations on the globe ranging from Far East to Americas, Turkish textile industry has achieved to become the 2nd largest textile supplier of the EU, 7th largest textile supplier of the world.

The 45th BELTEX INDUSTRY Exhibition, for which the Turkish exhibitors update their product catalogue exclusively, is going to set the stage for the companies, who aim to reach not only Belarusian, but also the other member states of Commonwealth of Independent States and East European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine etc. Specializing in the fields of woven fabric, jersey, laceworks, brode; Turkish exhibitors are going to showcase their products such as fabrics, garments, suits, textile accessories, yarns and fibres. Targeting the industry professionals, buyers, retailers, apparel manufacturers, dealers and distributors, Turkish exhibiting companies are looking forward to introducing their products and brands to the Eastern European market through the BELTEX INDUSTRY Exhibition, which is the most convenient event to open up to the new markets.