8-11 December 2017 / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The leading agro-food event of Ethiopia, ETHIOPIA ADDIS AGROFOOD, is getting ready for the 5th edition of the show, which is going to be organized on 8-11 December 2017. Addis Agrofood, with its full name; Agriculture, Agricultural Machineries, Food, Food Technologies and Packaging Exhibition, will take place at the East Africa’s most politically and economically stable country with its being one of the fastest growing economies in the world achieving %10.9 growth rate between the years of 2004-’14 according to the World Bank.

Home to diversity of ecological areas and agricultural sources, Ethiopia, even though, are successful in growing all types of cereals, fibre crops, oil seeds, coffee, tea, cotton, flowers, fruits and vegetables, it is dependent on the importation of all chemical fertilizers and many agricultural machineries and design equipment; such as tractor, harvester, grain silo, storage and other equipment.

With its membership of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Union, Ethiopia reaps the benefits of Free Trade Area (FTA) provided by the COMESA which guarantees an access to the 400 millions of consumers without any tax when making trade of any other sort. In addition to that, Ethiopia also involves in a trade partnership deal with European Union (EU) under the Cotonou Agreement, which also boosts the Ethiopian market since it provides duty-free access to both parties.

Asked about the 2017 edition, Mrs. Nazli CANDEMIR DURSUN, the Marketing Director of the Expotim & Ladin Group states; “An agricultural country lacking of agro-food industry working properly to meet the demand of the region, means there are loads of good opportunities for international companies to fulfil the shortage. So with this exhibition, we hereby introduce the market to those companies and mediate their entrance to it which is full of profitable chances.”

In the 2016 edition of the exhibition, 55 companies coming from 7 different countries participated the event, which was visited by the number of 3.217 unique visitors. The show was organized in an 840 sq. meter area.