Ladin Fair Congress Organization Services was found in 1993 in order to organize exhibition, congress and events in various countries worldwide . Ladin Fair Congress Organization Services is the leading actor of Turkey in exhibition sector.

Ladin Fair Congress Organization Services is authorized by Turkish Ministry of Economy with B-license to organize exhibitions abroad in variety of sectors. Ladin has encourages exporter companies to develop their business activities within the region and abroad. Since Ladin established organize international exhibitions all around the world such as Algeria, Morroco, Yemen, South Africa, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Greece, Syria and India. Especially Ladin is well know with exhibition in Algeria Maison, Siac, Batimatec.

Ladin Fair Congress Organization Service mainly focus on providing new economic exhibition grounds for international and local firms.


The company’s sector-specific structure is supported with specialized service departments, thereby customer-centered system contribute to both customer satisfaction and development of Turkey’s export.

1. Sales Department

The total number of sales people in the company is 31 who are responsible for both Expotim and Ladin exhibitions.

1.1. Domestic Sales Department

There are five main sectors for local sales: Textile, Machinery, Construction, Automotive, Agriculture and Food.

1.2. International Sales Department

Starting from 2009 Expotim is not only selling to Turkish exporters but to foreign ones as well. Expotim is the first Turkish fair organizing company which succeeded a real international exhibition abroad. 3rd Basra Oil and Gas Exhibition in Basra/Iraq had 275 exhibitors from 30 different countries including USA, UK, UAE, Holland, France, Canada, Japan and Australia. This year Expotim will be organizing Basra Oil&Gas for the four times. At the moment 4 sales representatives are selling 5 international exhibitions to foreign companies.

2. Project and Operation Department

Organizing more than 60 exhibitions in all over the world in a year is a very challenging job which requires a lot of expertise and forth seeing. Starting from drawing lay-out plans to shipment of exhibition goods, from printing catalogues to building stands, project and operation department is playing a crucial role in success of Expotim.

3. Accounting and Finance
3.1. Accounting
3.2. Governmental Support

Turkish exporters are supported by Turkish government to exhibit abroad. The funding procedures of exhibitors are being carried out by experts of Expotim.

4. Legal Services
5. Marketing and Corporate Communications